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But as you can imagine most are just not available, so we’re left to rely on secondary sources, our own eyes, and our failing memories rattling around up there like dried beans.Many people will want to know which factory made their guitar, but that is a truly maddening process because of the way it was back then.I’m going to try to list every damn brand name that was ever placed on the headstock of a 1960s Japanese guitar!!A lot of this information is already out there floating around like tiny puzzle pieces, and all I’m trying to do is collect it in one place.And when they aren’t cheap and everyone thinks every old guitar is worth a boatload of money, then I’ll move on and start my beer can collection again.As with any good research, primary sources are the best.Both Face Time and Skype are available for i OS and Mac OS X, but due to the fact that they are separate applications which require separate accounts, you cannot use them together.

I’m focusing on 50s and 60s Japanese electrics, but there will be some sneaky 70s names in here, some Korean models, and maybe the odd acoustic brand too.

Maybe someone can connect with that eager teenager that wailed away in a garage in the middle of nowhere.

This is not for profit or to raise prices on these Japanese guitars.

Face Time is a native app on i OS devices and is therefore free. If you’re using an i Phone, you can initiate a Face Time video chat with someone in the middle of a phone call.

Free features include instant messaging, video chatting, audio conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing.

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Apple's Face Time brought video chatting to i OS devices well after Skype released its mobile app for i OS.

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