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(Except that all fossils are fascinating messengers in time.) With this closer view you can see my initial interest in this particular bryozoan. The larger pits are borings by worm-like, filter-feeding organisms.

These borings are either in the ichnogenus , meaning clubbed at their distal ends).

He was only 35 years old when he died, though, and has almost completely dropped out of the literature in English, except for the numerous invertebrate taxa he named.

(There is a kind of immortality in our system of adding author’s names to taxa.) Using my Google Translator skills, I can read in the French literature that he was born to “an honest merchant family” in Luxeuil, France.

“YOGA FOR EVERYONE” is our mission statement, and our instructors are committed to providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all.

Flex Yoga offers a variety of classes for all levels.

Auguste Étallon died suddenly of “the rupture of an aneurysm after two days of a slight indisposition” in February 1862. I collected it from the Whitewater Formation of the Cincinnatian Group at one of my favorite collecting sites near Richmond, Indiana.

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Flex Yoga is a Power Vinyasa Flow Studio with locations in Wooster and Orrville Ohio.

Each of these pits shows the vertical septa (walls of a sort) that were underneath the coral polyps in life.

Despite this beautiful outer preservation, the interior of the specimen is mostly occupied by blocky calcite crystals.

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