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Harbour: Hopper went to New York, which we know from a box in his basement. “Man, I need a favor.”Harbour: I think they dated in high school. Both of us toyed around in the beginning about who left who.

If you're wondering who Winona Ryder's husband is, stop - she never married!Their characters — Harbour’s police chief Jim Hopper and Ryder’s single mother Joyce Byers — have a history that encompasses the past (they dated in high school), the present (Hopper repeatedly helps rescue Joyce’s luckless son, Will) and, undoubtedly, the future.Their on-screen chemistry has turned Joyce and Hopper into one of television’s most shipped pairs (#Jopper), a designation they both relish.“And I was in the audience, kind of going crazy like that.I mean, I got to meet Bunk ...” and here Ryder, as she will, veers off into a bit of a beautiful tangent about the actor Wendell Pierce, who played Det. There has always been this false narrative that if you’re an actor, fame comes with the territory and you have to relinquish everything.

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Since becoming active in the film industry, Reeves' abilities have earned critical acclaim.

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