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These recent trips involve the dynamics of personalities. I prepare for my next role in the backseat of taxies. Meetings and showcases are continuously changing landscapes. Sure, one with no windows, but still better than a window seat in business class. I don’t want to admit that I’d like to see Marco, but shitty weather is a tough companion.

I don’t know why I desperately want to hold on to this relationship even at the expense of my dignity and my t-shirt. Steve Berman told Josh I’m “a bulldog” and their greatest ally. Josh wants me to back him up on releasing “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” as the next single. The heel of my Marc Jacobs’ boot snapped off when I fell down the tour bus stairs. Sadly, Tom’s advice is to let them go, he says they’re old and not that great. I have to let some pawns go so I have more room to play the board. If he’s only going to deal with musicians who have never done drugs he won’t have a roster. Goddamn, I wish I could take back that moment where my drink went into that woman’s face. I knew that as the imaginary words were coming out of Jordan’s mouth. Flip the story; he doesn’t want me to use my focus on them. Jordan also tells me his label Flawless, even the name says so much about the man, decided not to sign Brian Liesegang because he has drug problems. I have a one bedroom apartment in the West Village, two beautiful cats, clothes that make Steve Berman refer to me as The New York Times Style Section, the best job in the world, I make good money, and I spend it on whatever I want (primarily trips to Paris, clothes, and personal trainers). Three months worth so they have to last through Europe. He thinks it’s all free beer and soaring rock stars. He doesn’t know about my pocketbook filled with pill bottles. It was long, and involved so many different people. Working on a record is an entirely different environment. I get butterflies over what Tom Whalley, Jimmy Iovine and Steve Berman think of me.

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