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As such, part-time work that was traditionally filled by Japanese young people is increasingly taken over by foreigners from places such as Thailand, China, Korea, and other Asian countries.

As mentioned above, many menial jobs in retail and construction have almost no people to fill these roles.

Japan is one of the most rapidly aging societies in the world. As anecdotal evidence, it is often said there are more adult diapers sold in Japan than diapers for babies.

With such a paucity of young people, the labor shortage being what it is should not be any surprise.

those most adept at performing such work) has decreased, and with the increasing development of technology making such jobs irrelevant or obsolete, this trend will likely continue in the near future.

This is not limited to Japan, but in the future, most menial jobs (such as cashiers at fast food restaurants, supermarket workers, etc. In fact, they already are becoming replaceable in terms of how advanced our technology has become, but the costs of implementing these types of technology are a heavier burden than hiring young people (or foreigners) to do these jobs, so they currently exist, but in the future (and especially if basic living wages or an increase of minimum wages is approved, these jobs will disappear within weeks; you can bet on that.

Many local communities, in recent years, have tried to entice young married couples to relocate by offering to build them a house, for free, on the condition they have children and agree to live in the community for twenty years or so.The main cause of the labor shortage in Japan is demographics: that is, the declining number of young people.The problems engendered by this demographic shift are mostly affected in the countryside in Japan.Importing thousands of people with no language skills to perform jobs that can be replaced tomorrow is not sound policy.In the past few years, the number of foreigners working in grocery stores and convenience stores has increased a lot.

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