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Also doing Broadway was terrific -- I had never experienced the joy of a 3-tiered, filled-to-capacity theater responding immediately to what you emote; it was a thrilling ride."Falcone" was an experience that -- we worked so much, and I still haven't caught up with what the experience was really like, because we were kept so busy with it. Jason Gedrick: That's what roles like "Ally Mc Beal" or my upcoming movie "Summer Catch" are providing for me. I really appreciate all of the support of people, whether just the support you show with your kind comments or expressions of love like Christina's. Question: So what's it like knowing your show is gonna premiere in less than 10 minutes?The actioner Iron Eagle followed (1986): avid video-gamer Doug (Jason) rescues his dad from Islamic terrorists, with a little help from an older pilot (Louis Gossett Jr.), who is distraught over the many kids that he has seen die over the years, and isn't about to watch Doug die, too. Promised Land (1987): Davey (Jason) and Danny (Kiefer Sutherland) pursue an elite-working class friendship through high school and failed marriages.Teen magazines paid some attention to him, displaying his dark, sultry pout and lean muscles.And we saw more of Jason's body in the nude shower scene. He apparently moved into television, playing a college boy in Class of 96 (1993), a Hollywood star accused of killing a teenage girl in Murder One (1995-96), and an ex-con trying to go straight in EZ Streets (1996-97), plus significant roles Desperate Housewives, Luck, Necessary Roughness, and Dexter. But in 2007, for old time's sake, I saw Jason in Kings of South Beach (2007).He plays Chris Troiano, a New Yorker who moves to Miami to escape the Mafia and start a new life.There is a palpable chemistry between Andy and Chris which almost moves from subtext to text.Jason Gedrick came by AOL Live to talk about his show, Falcone. He has also appeared in the films Backdraft and Born on the Fourth of July. As far as my next project, I'll be working on a movie for Warner Bros.

Even though it's based on the same man, we needed to create our own identity. | Titus -- AOL/Falcone | | Jason -- AOL/Falcone | | Titus, Jason -- TV Guide Channel/Falcone | | Poppy Montgomery -- AOL/Blonde | | Titus -- Toronto Sun/Falcone | | Titus -- St.When his boyfriend is killed by drug dealers, T vows to use his dance-combat skills to clean up the neighborhood.The pattern continued in Backdraft (1991), with Kurt Russell, and Crossing the Bridge (1992), with Josh Charles.The handsome actor has had tough relationship issues in the past but has continued to shine his career doing what he does best.Read on to find out about his early life, net worth, and relationship.

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