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I mean it’s not Jordan’s autobiography or anything, but if I thought it would be good for the reader to know something then I’d put it in.And the best bit, of course, is you can’t see people’s faces when they’re reading it.’When it comes to getting down and dirty, Isy Suttie aka Matlock’s finest musical comedian has always come across as more Victoria Wood than Victoria’s Secrets.But in her just-published memoir, , there are tales of an Australian fuck buddy, running naked into a freezing sea at New Year and various fumblings around the internet dating game.

I’d toyed with doing my book that way but it felt that the right thing was to write about a concentrated period of time.’While tour is more akin to a series of book events with stand-up bits included, Suttie isn’t leaving the live comedy world behind.

The cast of Comedy at the Fringe - 2011 includes: Charlie Baker as himself Kurt Braunohler as Kurt Jarred Christmas as himself Kerry Godliman as herself Russell Kane as himself Zoe Lyons Kristen Schaal as Kristen Isy Suttie as herself The cast of Get Lucky - 2012 includes: Tanya Franks as Barbara Reeda Harris as Joe Sandman Sol Harris as Passer-by Ralf Little as Miles Peter Manchester as Dave Bricknell Sam Peter Jackson as Assaulted theatregoer Adrian Scarborough as St John Ponsonby Hunt Isy Suttie as Harry Jonny Sweet as Christopher Hound Camille Ucan as Nurse Julie The cast of The Alternative Comedy Experience - 2013 includes: Stephen Carlin as himself Bridget Christie as herself Alun Cochrane as himself Boothby Graffoe as himself Maeve Higgins as herself Robin Ince as himself Tony Law as himself Simon Munnery as himself Phil Nichol as himself Paul Sinha as himself Isy Suttie as herself Eleanor Tiernan as herself Henning Wehn as himself Glenn Wool as himself Andy Zaltzman as himself Isy Suttie has: Played Leanne Curruth in "Rab C. so b would be the y-coordinate that intersects the y-axis. Played Le voisin Isy in "Boulevard du Palais" in 1999.

It isy=mx b in which x and y are coordinates, m is the slope of the line, and b is the y-intercept. Played Le patron de Cora in "Les randonneurs" in 1997.

The cast of You Instead - 2011 includes: Kassidy as Themselves Mathew Baynton as Tyko Cora Bisset as J. Kari Corbett as Kirsty Newton Faulkner as himself Ruta Gedmintas as Lake Gilly Gilchrist as Bruce the Roadie Alastair Mackenzie as Mark Jo Mango as herself Jerry Millichip as Security Guard Joseph Mydell as The Prophet Jonny Phillips as Jay The Proclaimers as Themselves Stephen Sherriff as Guy at Campfire Heather Suttie as Herself - Presenter…

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