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“The goal every week is to win the games and win as many games as possible, but Eddie’s goal has also been the World Cup.“Seeing how this team has evolved since 2015 you want to see it through and be part of that because it’s a very good squad.Don Peyote has been panned by the Los Angeles Times ("tedious, incoherent"), Hollywood Reporter ("a bad trip"), Indie Wire ("a complete miss") and the New York Times ("wooly and unfocused").Even the positive reviews it's received call the film "incomprehensible" (Village Voice), "indulgent" (Paste), "frantic and disjointed" (We Are Movie Geeks), "not very funny" (Contact Music) and a "shabby piece of oddness" (Nerdist). But Fogler pulls it off because he really cares about the complex and confusing state of the world. Warren, his doppleganger, just can't move ahead until he has a few answers.

TV has "Exclusive Goldbergs First Look: Uncle Marv Returns for an Epic Thanksgiving Fight"read more... JULY 1 2014 - SECRETS & LIES Dan Fogler has joined the cast of the upcoming ABC series "Secrets & Lies"more... The Celebrity is having a contest and the prize is none other than the treasure that is a Don Peyote DVD & Autographed Poster!

Let's hear it from Dan Fogler, who plays No-Maj Jacob Kowalski: Yeah, we start in the fall. The reason we were given is that the movie is bigger than the first two combined. I’ll get a script closer to when we start shooting. film was meant to start filming this summer, and when the delay was announced last month, "prep time" was also used as the reason.

Rowling's magical universe, recently delayed production by several months. Well, it turns out the cast was given a specific and rather exciting reason for the delay.

"The Show" is a live, Halloween-themed, musical comedy extravaganza starring Jeff Ross and directed by Mr.

Dan's new Graphic Novel Moon Lake is now available on more...

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Hello and welcome to the official Dan Fogler website. Where you can get the skinny on what's happening with Dan right now. “Also check out the Stage 13 site and get the word on the street about my theatre/film company!

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