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He learned to play the piano at an early age, but later dropped it and started playing the guitar instead.He states that it was because "the coolest guys in my eighth grade class all played guitar.Apart from guitar, the second album also saw King singing a lot more: he supplied lead vocals on the song "Ungodly Hour" and on the bonus track "Uncertainty", and backing vocals on "Syndicate" and "Absolute".While the Fray has been lyrically spearheaded by Slade, King co-writes almost all of the songs.2 Actors Who Regretted Being On The Vampire Diaries (And 18 Who Adored It) Screen Rant Although most actors loved their time being on The Vampire Diaries, not everyone left the show as invested in the material.

Commenting on his working with Allen, King said that there was "a good vibe in the studio".

POPSUGARStefan Salvatore may be dead, but Caroline's love for him lives on.

Candice King, who is set to reprise her The Vampire Diaries character during the fifth and ...

There were really obvious things to write about." Commenting on the lyrics on the second album, King said: "A lot of really big realizations about ourselves are on this record.

We're singing about real things that we've experienced.

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  2. Screen queen and Dior darling, Jennifer Lawrence, has a tendency to get candid when it comes to things like her love of pizza and her borderline-unhealthy obsession with the Kardashian family, but one thing she almost always keeps quiet about is her love life., Darren Aronofsky.