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He has stated that he is going to finish the tournament that he is now and then he is going to quit sports and enjoy his free time with Andy Roddick girlfriend.He is 30 years old and this might be another reason that he is going to finish his carrier, because in tennis it is important to have a lot of strength and this might not be the best quality that he has.According to Roger Federer, Andy is a boss, a legend, a father and a husband.He retired in 2012 and since then has taken interest in family, children-centred charity and in other business ventures.It appears that Andy Roddick girlfriend is with him when he decided to leave sports, because it was about time for him to relax and live a normal and ordinary life with his wife and they had the opportunity to choose to live wherever they have wanted to.Andy Roddick girlfriend is a model and an actress so they both are famous and they want to live a normal and calm life together after getting married.He chose tennis and this became one of the best decisions of his life.

Since the time that she appeared on the cover she has made guest appearance on different television shows and she has had roles in different movies that made her even more famous and known.Date of Birth: August 30, 1982 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Roddick may not have collected as many grand slam trophies and titles as the famous Roger or other celebrity tennis players, but he takes pride in the fact that he reached No.1 and also boats of his sustained longevity at the top of his game.Till date, Blanche is close to all her sons and loves them without comparison.Date of birth: September 16 Lawrence is the third Roddick son but is not a tennis player like his other brothers. became very interested in tennis and was a lover of the racquet. The San Antonio chiropractor is happy for his son but wants him to enjoy the sport rather than try to be like his famous uncle.

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The three boys grew up practising tennis in their backyard but competitive driving soon won him over. was born, it became obvious that he had passed on the gene to his son even though he never manifested it. Since observing this early interest, Dr Lawrence has enrolled his son in as much training as possible and J. The little Roddick has been said to be a natural and can be compared to Andy in his serving style and his resolve.

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