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This is because of the time he can give towards his son is more compared to Jenifer.Wendi Harriott, one of the contestants’ audition was it!Hudson pursues her career all over the world...'Ms.Hudson or their son.'Jennifer and David got engaged in 2008, after a little less than a year of dating.

According to his attorney,“has never abused or harassed Ms.

Hudson of the child's activities and whereabouts." Hudson also alleges that Otunga left a gun and holster on their kitchen counter.

Jennifer’s actions are solely taken in the best interest of their son.' Following Hudson's statement, Otunga, who used to be a professional wrestler then came out with a statement of his own as his attorney Tracy Rizzo told TMZ, that Jennifer requested the order because she fears losing access to her son.

, but “it's very hush-hush." The identities of Aniston's suitors remain top-secret, but insiders have dropped a few hints.

Bachelor number one recently split from his wife and is "trying to win over Jen," a source told The actress' friends seem to be happy that she's back in the dating game.

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Some of the comments are, After staying together for a decade this couple Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have called off the relationship. David’s wife, Jennifer said the reason for their divorce is, And this bad behavior is towards her and her child, David.

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