When do willow and oz start dating

This article is our way of embracing the pain of our dashed hopes. It just takes some people awhile to realize it." -Joss Whedon Joss has been getting a lot of shit lately over statements he's made regarding Willow and her gayness. So while we don't condone this behavior, using an adorable, caring musician to bury the gay woman screaming inside of her, we also do not condemn her for it. And she began, once again, to question the worthiness and usefulness of boys. Would she still be allowed to play in the Scooby Gang? Or was Willow juggling two men in an attempt to sabotage both relationships?

Sure, we hoped Willow was loving the person, not the gender, when she chose to switch teams, but hey, we don't agree with lots of ME's choices. And, you know, whatever else might have come out after a bottle of wine. And why do we think you should follow suit and prostrate yourself before the greatness that is ME and beg forgiveness for questioning them? Willow's need to fit in drove her into the arms of a man. We, in fact, would switch teams if necessary for Oz. Would Buffy still fight in those short skirts around her? Was Willow juggling two men because her heart couldn't decide?

In "Wild at Heart", Oz and Willow lead the show with troubles in their relationship." And his face when he whispers, "In my whole life, I've never loved anything else." It's so beautiful. I also like that Willow nearly fried Oz and Veruca with her powers. And I love Oz and Willow together so seeing them split-up is just heartbreaking.She has a darkside to her that will be explored further in season six. Nothing against Tara, but I wish Oz could have stayed. Well, except maybe when she was all "I'm hooked on the bad magic smack" and then when she did the whole "I'm a breast woman" shtick, because sheesh, we get already. But moving on, as this note might end up longer than the actual article. Now don't hate Willow for this behavior, she was ignored by men and women alike, and along came Oz bearing thoughtfulness and adoration. All of her friends were dating while she sat home alone on Saturday nights. After all, she was more concerned about Willow abusing the power of magic and she sure never felt the need to wax philosophical over certain pieces in buckets of chicken, just to make sure everyone was on board with her sexuality. In reality, Willow came to recognize that that leggy, sassy cheerleader would never be hers, a crushing realization coming so soon after her epiphany that gay love rocks. Perhaps it wasn't so great after all, this gay love thing, if seeing the head cheerleader making out with your beard hurt so much. What high school girl with overbearing parents wouldn't want to date a musician, secretly gay or no (or openly gay for that matter! And so the Willow/Oz relationship was started on purely selfish grounds.

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