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A profiled database of over 6 million consumers that can be segmented by age, income, property, lifestyle. Direct Response Television List – Responders to various direct response TV offers. 95% have paid by credit card and 33% have ordered via the internet. WRM Media – WRM-Media provides access to an international email and postal database with over 31 million records.

It also offers lead generation options as well as on-line panels for research projects.

Covering Australia and New Zealand Info Base Consumer is made up of over 11million individuals.

It is updated via surveys and market feedback and selections can be made on Age, Income, Gender, Homeowner and Postcode range.

The list can be selected by numerous variables and is widely used by leading consumer marketers in Australia.

This list us useful for multi-channel campaigns as it covers email, mail & telephone.

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Behaviour Base is built from self-reported lifestyle data.

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