Web scam

Why wouldn't you trust a friend sending you a link to an online store having huge sales?

Especially when they’re selling your favorite sneakers at an 80% discount.

The number of times we blocked people from accessing the websites is low, which may be a result of people marking the posts as spam to Facebook, and Facebook taking them down.

The cybercriminals behind the scam use a simple technique to trick users into thinking that the online shop is the real deal.

You can order 10,000 pairs of sneakers worth thousands of dollars on this website, which is not normally possible on trustworthy websites, as stock is limited. The fraudsters are mainly targeting Eastern Europe and the Baltic states.

But we also recorded attacks in Brazil and Indonesia.

The information we get from “whois” proves that this is not a Nike subsidiary or even a regular business.

Cybercriminals continuously take advantage of social media networks, like Facebook, to make money by spreading fake shopping deals.

You most likely have a few favorite online stores and are probably cautious when purchasing products elsewhere, which is why cybercriminals choose to spread scams like this on Facebook — to reach a new target audience they otherwise wouldn’t.

People are also likely to be more susceptible to phishing attempts when they are in an environment they know very well and is shared by their friends and relatives.

Once a customer makes a purchase, the cybercriminals charge their credit card for products that will never arrive at their doorstep.

You might be asking yourself why anyone would fall for a cheap scam like this.

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People may have stopped using the account or haven’t logged in for a long time and may not be aware that someone else gained access.

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