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Virgo and Pisces is the case of “opposites attract”.Though they share a common thread that binds them together but differences will often pop up now and then.But he will have to lighten up a bit between the sheets and join her in her dream world if she is to be fully satisfied.The Pisces and Virgo sun signs will definitely have to work to find a compromise to make each other happy, but this should not be a problem.How compatible are Pisces women and Virgo men mentally, emotionally and sexually?

So while this relationship often begins slowly, it will most likely not last unless both the zodiac signs make tremendous effort.

It can be a challenge to bring these two sun signs together, for they are both introverts.

But at the same time, the Pisces and Virgo understand the shyness of the other person and connect immediately on that level.

This is good for continuing a healthy relationship outside the bedroom as well.

His rational mind will prevail and he’ll be able to resolve any situation logically.

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