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Note the "airplane wing sturt" brace, elaborate stop rod assembly (stainless steel heavy rod with threaded,knurled, brass cap nuts), and fancy curved water key.olds standard trumpet olds studio cornet olds super trumpet olds recording trumpet olds trumpet models f e olds and son trumpet olds special trumpet olds trumpet ambassador Here it is -- the holy grail of Olds Ambassador line. NP12MST PROFESSIONAL Image, NP12MST PROFESSIONAL, F.

This is the only Conn trumpet from this time period that I have ever seen with the forward facing 2nd valve crook and hanging 3rd valve slide ring.When I was given this horn to try at his shop some 10 years ago by my dear late friend Tom Lytle (a former Conn employee and master repairman RIP) I was playing a light-weight Bach.I left the shop that day with this under my arm and the Bach was left hanging on a peg for sale on consignment as part of the deal.Besson had a few different models; the "Fabrication" , the "Meha" (named after one of the Besson family daughters) , and the "Brevete", (which actually just means patented), like the one pictured here from my collection is a .464" bore.Information on these old pre-Boosey & Hawkes (pre- WW II) Bessons is hard to come by, but, noted vintage brass expert and master technician Robb Stewart told me this; "The large bore (.468") MEHA didn't appear until after WWII.

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