Vikki and rikki mongeon dating

When the two met on season eight of the CBS reality show, they received a lot of speculation that their romance-laced alliance was purely strategical.

She suffered severe injuries following a 2010 California automobile accident and was in a coma for several days.

Her reality dating series served as MTV's sequel to A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila.

, the objects of affection are Erica and Victoria Mongeon, calendar girls known to a discerning elite as Rikki and Vikki, the “Ikki twins”—avowedly bisexual and, obviously, monozygotic.

One contestant was praised as “super-superhot, like, stepped-out-of-a-magazine hot,” which would only be true if we’re talking The twins insist on the cast’s sex appeal relentlessly, pleading with the audience to disbelieve its libido.

Still, the slatternly attire and attitudes of the women will suffice to captivate the core demographic—that is, semi-tumescent ninth-graders and the girls who seek their attention by making out with other girls at keg parties.

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