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The language is type-safe, and the runtime provides automatic memory management and bounds-checking on arrays.

Java programs and libraries check for illegal state at the earliest opportunity.

In severe cases local programs may be executed or Java security disabled.

These bugs can potentially be used to steal confidential data from the machine and intranet, misuse system resources, prevent useful operation of the machine, assist further attacks, and many other malicious activities.

Any implementation bug can have serious security ramifications and could appear in any layer of the software stack.

While sections 0 through 3 are generally applicable across different types of software, most of the guidelines in sections 4 through 9 focus on applications that interact with untrusted code (though some guidelines in these sections are still relevant for other situations).

Others, such as Software Security: Building Security In [7], outline guiding principles for software security.

These guidelines are of interest to all Java developers, whether they create trusted end-user applications, implement the internals of a security component, or develop shared Java class libraries that perform common programming tasks.The choice of language system impacts the robustness of any software program.The Java language [2] and virtual machine [3] provide many features to mitigate common programming mistakes.While the Java security architecture [1] can in many cases help to protect users and systems from hostile or misbehaving code, it cannot defend against implementation bugs that occur in code.Such bugs can inadvertently open the very holes that the security architecture was designed to contain.

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These guidelines are intended to help developers build secure software, but they do not focus specifically on software that implements security features.

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