Validating a cashiers check

If the customer had a receipt and an eligible reason, I completed the store refund process.I added the returned items to the inventory by scanning the bar code into the computerized system.They should know the specific information that needs to be collected from the customer, such as a work number and/or their driver's license number.What to look for in an answer: Example: "After verifying the customer's contact information by obtaining their driver's license number and work number and validating their account, I accepted their checks.Don’t just call the number printed on the money order – if it’s a fake, you can be sure that the number goes to a thief who will tell you whatever you want to hear.Provide the money order number, the date issued, and the amount of the money order, and ask for any available details.

According to Thomas Cook, the exchange rate is confirmed and retained according to the rate posted on the date of purchase.

They are expected to follow this procedure, which includes inspecting the product for damage and asking the customer a series of questions.

What to look for in an answer: Example: "I would follow strict refund policies and examine the products before issuing a refund.

But if your bank discovers it was a fake, you’ll have to replace those funds (which you might have spent several weeks ago).

Just like with checks, you can attempt to call the issuer and find out if a money order is good (and if the amount is correct).

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What to look for in an answer: Example: "I trained new cashiers on our POS system and explained how to process checks, cash and credit card transactions.

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