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Run: And compare the output to the hashes page for the ISO file.

List of Ubuntu Hashes can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu Hashes The first thing to do is to make sure you're in the directory with the file (It will most likely be found in the Downloads directory).

Predictably, Ubuntu Autumn Release was underwhelming, bringing in a whole plate of regressions to the table plus some fresh new bugs and issues to make the experience even less pleasant.

It seems inconceivable that there should be several successful distro releases in a row.

Or perhaps the issue was patched (again) in the meantime.

Nvidia drivers were working fine, Steam was working fine - it needed a rebuild of some of the cached libraries, but then it launched without any problems.

There is an excellent tutorial written by the Admin on the Img Burn forums. For a GUI (Graphic User Interface) we use UNet Bootin.

It's so much ahead, I feel like shedding a tear every time I use it.

In comparison, Awful Anteater is a pale shadow of what Kubuntu can do. But it brings crashes and unnecessary nonsense that just spoils everything.

Consequently, the entire Ubuntu family suffers, and Kubuntu is no exception.

All that said, I decided to upgrade the Zesty instance on my Nvidia-powered Pavilion laptop, to see whether my experience was going to be any different from the afore-linked lukewarm and mediocre product called Aardvark tested on the likewise Nvidia-powered LG RD510 laptop, which also happens to be a year older than the HP box. As you probably recall, I think Kubuntu 17.04 is one of the best distributions ever released, near as perfect as it makes no difference.

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