Updating data in excel automatically

When applied correctly, this technique can save you and your team every time you end up needing an updated version of preexisting chart or graph. And if you’re drowning in Excel-speak, check out our Appendix below.

This means that you can dump data in one location and then have a table update itself automatically, which in turn updates a graph automatically.You can experiment with this functionality by clearing the contents of cells in the Data For Our Graph worksheet and replacing it with the data from the Additional Data worksheet.You can apply the same principle to graphs that represent a rolling data set (last 12 months) by utilizing the second and third parameters in the offset function, or by creating a table that automatically updates the header column to contain the appropriate months.I have attached a sheet where I consolidated the information but I had to put data in every sheet for this to work properly.I know the sheets have to be formatted the same but with the sheets formatted the same I can't get it to work with out values in range.

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