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Our lips are one of our body’s most powerful erogenous zones.Brimming with nerve endings, the lips have a disproportionately large amount of neural space devoted to them, making them incredibly sensitive to touch.We’re pre-wired to like people who are similar to us, and who make us feel safe, understood and comfortable.Whether it’s your first kiss or you’ve been together forever, it’s this compatibility that helps make a kiss truly memorable.

Researches at Lafayette College found that where you kiss can have a powerful effect on how you rate the pash and your partner.

The perfect kiss involves an intoxicating combination of anticipation and excitement, electrifying chemistry, the right setting and mood, technique and compatibility.

And while a bad kiss can be a deal breaker, a scrumptious smooch can be a game changer with research showing that dizzying ‘kiss-ability’ can actually make you appear more attractive.

And even deeper: to have or not to have the second date? For some folks second date kiss sounds like madness and the reasons behind it might be very different.

Some think it is too early to do that, while others think you are wasting your time not doing it on the first date. Surely, no need to smooch her or let your hands be running all over her.

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They are tolerant and can often speak more than one language (English, Filipino ).

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