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There are eight million stories in New York city, and tonight may be the beginning of the most exciting story of them all.... Will my handsome Prince ever appear, or is this just a fairy story? read all about it happy ending.

Thanks Angie Outside one of the ballrooms at L'hotel Delta Centre-ville in Montreal, feeling sexy and pretty all at once in the Alfred Sung dress that fits me like it was tailored for me. From my Lomography set (read about the process on the Set description).

Some pictures, like this one, turned out quite nicely! (A blast from the past: this was taken back in May of 2006, when I was still in my mid-20s. Until now I didn't have the software to properly edit this picture.) From my Lomography set (read about the process on the Set description).

See more pictures from my trip to Vancouver: Cruising the shadows on the back streets of Manhattan. I was born a city girl, but tonight, feeling the urban pulse and throb like the music of the jungle, I snake my way down Broadway using my body in a swaying slinky swing, daring to be noticed, a thousand eyes caressing my body with every step I take. This photo is a rework of one taken on 9 October 2008." Poor Cinders; it appears the ugly sisters are going to the ball, leaving you at home to scrub the dishes and sweep the floor.

some people took up to 50 favs or more in one night and not leaving one comment ... Take an ordinary bloke, put him in a dress, apply makeup and set him before the camera and what do you get....... As with Trannydates and TS TV Dates, the two highest rated sites in this category, Local Shemale Contacts is a subsidiary site of Adult Friend Finder – one of the biggest groups of dating sites online today.With more than 30 million members across almost every country in the world, Adult Friend Finder provides the perfect basis on which to begin your search to find...This picture was taken a few years ago, back in 2006. The truth is that we spent most weekday evenings sitting on opposite ends of the couch, reading journal papers.The dress has long been donated to charity, ditto with the shoes. That is, of course, unless I convince him to take pictures of me.

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  1. They may be nice to you, give you things and flatter you – don’t take it personally. It is easy to get hooked on the drama and intrigue. Dated a drug dealer and have something to add – love to hear from you.