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Not only do we have to deal with average dating nerves, but we also have to fish through creepy mirror pics, cheesy movie lines, and guys who think asking for sex in their first message is totally warranted.[Read: Why online dating isn’t for everyone]On top of that, we also have more pressing fears to worry about. Is this person really Jake, 28, from NYC with a dog named Pogo?A lot of people say to keep things light in the beginning.Do not talk about heavy topics like politics or religion. You do not want to chat with someone for a week before you find out they have entirely different morals to you.Online dating is this entire world of confusion, fear, excitement, and unfortunately, dick pics.

If you want to have a decent conversation it needs to start with more than – hey how are you. You can use it repeatedly instead of the boring “hi.”Most guys I match with tend to have a blank bio, so, I say, “That blank bio isn’t giving me much to work with.” This shows that I call them out and am teasing them a little, but also lets them introduce themselves. From the impression I’ve gotten, guys do not want a girl who is playing games. You downloaded the app and made a profile, so you already put it out into the world that you are looking.We are all nervous when dating, it is human nature.But just because your body is nervous doesn’t mean you can’t own who you are.You cannot exactly swallow down the nerves and just go for it.Your fears are more than not getting along, but could you also be at risk of being kidnapped and murdered?

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