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You might think or pretend you hate it, but you don't hate it at all. You love that you have a girlfriend who isn't going to fall for your BS.You love that you have a girlfriend who is going to be a formidable force in your life.If she just kind of ignores you with nothing more than a roll of the eyes, well, sometimes that's all you can hope for. Well you lock her down, and you lock her down hard. Speaking on behalf of myself, I'm a pretty chill guy, and it takes quite a bit to get me mad -- even more to make me lose my sh*t.But, if by some miracle, she shares your sense of humor? Life is too short to spend it with someone you can't share a laugh with. (PSA: If I'm mad at you, chances are you f*cked up).It's a confident, sexy way for your girl to tell you she cares, to tell you she sees your potential and to tell you that she is not going to accept anything less than seeing you rise to that potential.

There's a lot of rhetoric about guys not wanting to commit, about women not wanting to give guys the time of day because they're afraid all men want is sex, and once they get it, they're on to the next. Are guys or girls really more or less likely to commit than the other, or are we all just looking for that one perfect partner for ourselves and failing over and over again because finding the perfect partner isn't easy to do?Dear Blues Match, I'm replying to the email not because I'm unhappy about the message in any way, but because I think I should get you to take my message off the site as I'm getting married soon to someone I met through your good offices.Hi there, The reason for cancelling my membership is that I am now in a very promising relationship with a man I met on Blues Match!So depending on your fuse, this might be even more important to you than others, but if the girl in your life can take you from ultra-pissed back to your normal level of chill equilibrium (equi-chill-brium), then you have a girlfriend who truly knows you, and that is a gift, my friend.OK, let's take a breather for a second and move away from the heavier emotional stuff."Netflix and chill," we joke about its hidden connotations and sexual undertones, but the fact of the matter is this is how you spend a fair amount of your relationship.

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And no, it's not always the fault of their significant others. But many-a-bro goes MIA because of a girl who won't let him out of her clutches. So if you have a girlfriend who respects the time you spend with "the boys," that is a girl who values friendship -- not just hers, but yours.

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