The naked truth about love sex and dating

Having known that the soft light of a candle suited him better than total darkness or the blinding electric lights, he had lit a candle.The church bells struck four and right then the candle turned dark also, as if an unseen spirit had snuffed it out.

He knew that for a priest, it was untraditional to know, which parishioner was in the confessional for the penitence and penance; he did not deny her but actually led her to the booth even ignoring the looks of the archbishop.

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When he finally rewarded her the absolution and contrition, he had not been able to resist watching her walk out the confessional; her ass was so seductively swaying and offering.

Since that moment, he had run back to rectory and safety of his room. He had no courage to face the fellow priests or the unblemished, chaste nuns he had grown with as family.

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