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"For the average television program in China, getting just a 1-percent audience share is already pretty good," said professor Hu Zhifeng at Communication University of China.With high ratings comes high advertising revenue and Jiangsu TV hiked the cost of 15-second commercial spots during the show by 50 percent in May to 115,500 yuan (,000).

The average share for the first 22 episodes was 2.3 percent.

"The rules are almost the same (for all of the shows) but it is the conflicts that make it exciting," she said.

"After all, such blunt confrontation between men and women is rare on television, and even in real life. In every episode of If You Are the One, a panel of 24 women "looking for love" grills a man on his life and aspirations. Although slightly different, each matchmaking show follows the same theme.

Instead, the hosts highlighted the contestants' volunteer work and positive attitudes toward life and love.

Producers at Jiangsu TV, which broadcasts the show by satellite, also introduced a counselor named Huang Han, a psychology professor at the provincial Party school, to give relationship advice.

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