Storm dating in the dark

John Connor was born to Sarah Connor on February 28, 1985 (Terminator 2: Judgment Day).

His father, Kyle Reese, had been killed nine months prior in May 1984, protecting Connor from a time-traveling Terminator (The Terminator).

A T-800 (whom John later nicknamed "Uncle Bob") had also come back in time, this one programmed to protect him.

John, now believing his mother's stories, used the protecting T-800 to release his mother from the maximum security prison Pescadero State Hospital.

Evidence for the first interpretation comes from the specific motif of the couple running from the rain and covered by a billowing drapery corresponding to a famous and often illustrated scene in Paul et Virginie: One day, while descending from the mountaintop, I saw Virginie running from one end of the garden toward the house, her head covered by her overskirt, which she had lifted from behind her in order to gain shelter from a rain shower.

Much of his training concentrated on the areas of weaponry, computer technology, and espionage.The painting is reminiscent of an earlier work, Spring, which was completed by Cot in 1870.It was subsequently acquired by John Wolfe after it was displayed with astounding success at the Salon of 1873.John Connor and Kyle Reese were both imprisoned in a work camp located in San Francisco.On the brink of extinction, John Connor united the despairing humans and taught them to fight, storm the camps and overcome the Terminator guards.

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