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Sep 3 (TM) The Govt emphasises that the proposed amendments to the Peoples Bank Act never aims to privatise Peoples Bank.

A meeting between the presidential hopeful and the Public Service United Nurses Union was held yesterday. Sep 3 (GDI) Speaker of the House Karu Jayasuriya yesterday said that the future of South Asia will depend on how best it takes care of its children who make up 36% of the population.

Speaker Jayasuriya made these observations officiating in the annual South Asian Parliamentarian Platform for Children which was held in Parliament yesterday.

මෙය ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ විශාලතම සොක්ස් වීඩියෝ ඇති සයිට් එකයි, මෙය තුලට ඇතුලුවිමට පෙර ඔබේ වයස තහවුරු කරන්න.

ඔබ වයස 18ට අඩු පුද්ගලයෙකු නම් වහාම මෙතුලින් ඉවත් වන ලෙස කාරුණිකව දැනුම් දෙනු ලැබේ.

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But 1988 was also a year of both political and bloody turmoil. If that were so the Constitution would have had to be changed as a Prez can serve only two terms in office and Jayewardene was serving more..

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