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This time around, we released the podcast to subscribers and Facebook Likers a little early, so if you want to be among the first to hear FOTI in the future, you should subscribe or become a Liker. The tweets we posted yesterday are below — plus bonus links. The Webby Awards’ other (better) nominees were Texts from Hillary, the Michelle Bachmann Newsweek cover, and the Neil Degrasse Tyson meme.(Corrections Corner: Sorry for mispronouncing “Degrasse” and attributing the Bachmann meme to Conan — I guess it was really the Newsweek cover itself that sparked the meme. — Alpine) ADVERTISING AFRICA ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT AUTO-TUNE AXL ROSE BASEBALL BEST MUSIC OF 2013 BEYONCE BLAKE LIVELY BOSTON BOWIE BRISTOL PALIN BRITNEY CANNABIS CHRISTMAS DC DEEP CUTS DICK CHENEY DISNEY DOUCHEOSITY DR.Comments will be approved at our own sole discretion; non-related (off-topic), tasteless and insulting comments may be deleted. Visual storytelling is the classic case of show and tell that is used on toddlers in elementary school.Children learn at a faster rate when they actually see and feel the object rather than learning about it in books.

It certainly takes a lot of time and effort creating a video story of your company or of any other information you think would interest your audience, but the effort is well worth it. In this episode, Alison and Alpine discuss an inspiring new anthem for red-haired people, the startlingly effective food activism of a 9-year-old Scottish blogger, and a Youtube series that reviews frozen meals.Plus, Jeni Sue joins us to talk about Social Reader, Socialcam and Spotify, and we enjoy the music of Young Hines.Take a look at the following sample of visual storytelling via infographs.Image taken from Some of the advanced infographs contain animations that make these still photos move. Even infographs and animagrafs can be limiting sometimes in the amount of information that can be shared in proportion to the images used.

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  1. Over the last few months Ne-Yo and his new boo, model Crystal Renay have been posting all kinds of happy go lucky coupled up photos. Is it just us, or is she upset at somebody for not treating her like she wants to be treated?