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[hr] Singles Who Click seemed fair enough at the start, aside from the stupid name.It was easy to sign up and the questions weren’t too intrusive.It seems that some of these sites will overlap or be applicable for more than one country on your preferences list. Unfortunately, this is part of what we have to deal with when deciding to look online for love.You will have to be shrewd in your dealings with anyone you choose to contract or respond. I recommend joining 3 or 4 paid sites and 4 to 5 free sites.

Hours wasted: 45 minutes (I was too depressed to stay on any longer) Matches: 0 (Perhaps the older categories have more to offer, but the 20-30 range was less appealing than a Jersey Shore reunion) [hr] Chat Random has replaced Chat Roulette as the number one site to do just about everything your mother ever told you not to.

And then they’ll probably ask to see your tits as well.

Hours wasted: 2 (It’s addictive like watching a friend’s incredibly public break-up) Matches: 0 (Had a few good conversations, most of which did, however, end in requests for nudity) [hr] RSVP seemed fairly innocuous as I signed up, asking me simple questions and leaving room for a little creative exposition about myself. There is almost nothing to be said in an opening line, or the following ones for that matter, that isn’t boring, cheesy or downright creepy.

Others, such as “In a certain light, wouldn’t nuclear war be exciting?

,” seemed concerning, as did the option to make it mandatory that any match agree to sex on the first date.

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The difference is that here you don't pay and it's immediate.

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