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In October 2018, a man reported to the Yongjia public security police that he had become the victim of a scammer on We Chat, who promised to provide him with a sexual transaction.He transferred a sum of money, but the sex worker he ordered and paid for never turned up.

In 2011, the Chinese media, communications and internet giant Tencent, which Forbes now rates number 11 in the world for innovation, created We Chat in part to give users a way of avoiding costly text messages.

We Chat makes it easy for other businesses and app developers to get on board by providing an open application programming interface (API) for them to use.

The tech and business analyst Connie Chan has written about how We Chat pioneered the model of “apps within an app”.

In July last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that of the approximately 8,500 third-party apps available for the Apple Watch, We Chat, along with Twitter and LINE, was among the most-used.

Australia already has at least one company (Hi We Chat) that specialises in helping businesses market into China using We Chat.

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The police have demanded that the government block messenger app accounts allegedly facilitating prostitution at Margoda Residence Apartment in Pondok Cina, Depok.

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