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The results of this study show that sexual intimacy is a far more important component of a happy lifestyle in older adults than previously believed.

The participants responded to questionnaires on the following topics: When the senior citizens were compared against a reference group of younger adults aged 22-36, the results showed a mix of surprising and not-so-surprising results.

To gain a better understanding of the factors influencing sex after sixty, German psychologist Karolina Kolodziejczak of Humboldt University in Berlin and her colleagues surveyed more than 1,500 people 60 years of age or older (ranging from 60-82).

The researchers then compared the senior citizens' responses with a reference group of nearly 500 young adults (aged 22-36).

People are living longer—and staying healthy longer—than ever before.

Those of us who remain in good health into our silver years can look forward to a meaningful sex life well into old age.

In other words, those senior citizens in committed relationships were having sex quite often, while those who were widowed or divorced often led a sexless existence.

In conclusion, the study provides encouragement for all of us as we advance in our years.

The "Use it or Lose it" message is pretty clear with most medical sources. Yes, many older people are more sexual these days, but the the problem is often that couples don't sexually age in harmony.

So, what you often have are tacitly open marriages -- a lot more in among older people than you might think.

This finding lends support to the idea that marriage transforms over time from a passionate to a companionate relationship.

A closer look at the data, however, reveals some interesting facets of sexuality in the silver years.

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