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I am all for being with whomever you like, and have found it surprising that others around my age view my own traditional preferences as taboo.

Porn4Jews was a way of celebrating my traditionally Jewish preferences in a humorous, modern way.

It spoke to how much we were assimilating: American non-Orthodox Jews were marrying non-Jews more, identifying ourselves as Jewish less, and increasingly raising our kids without Judaism.

I was 23 at the time and living in Brooklyn, where I’d been since graduating from college the year before.

I’m sure they’d prefer that I end up with someone Jewish, but their general attitude is overwhelmingly “Whatever makes you happy!

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How I got here is a long and, well, heartbreaking story, filled with excruciating twists and turns (I'll spare you the details). Love did not turn out the way I planned, which is ironic, in a sense, because I am a novelist who writes about love.

We get to dream, refuse to settle, hold out for big love.

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  2. Carole shares her unique story, captivating audiences everywhere. Fiction: Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. With her time reporting the news abroad to her time diffusing fights between housewives on TV, Carole teaches audiences how to address the real issues in their lives—the “facts”—and let the clutter and drama—“fiction”—fall by the wayside.