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Things like this help to get the ball rolling and to break the ice so that there is no awkwardness between employees.It is obvious that if someone brings his or her pet to work then a number of people are going to gather around to ask his name or to enquire how old he is.This helps lower the blood pressure of your employees.If you have customer and clients who are pet loves then allowing pets to the office is something that can indeed pay off for you in the long run .

Stress is something that causes employees to go through a lot of strife not merely physically but also emotionally as well as psychologically.

So rather than having employees being absent for a reason like this, it is better if you just allow pets in the office as there are obviously so many pros to this policy and it has proved to be affective in a number of top companies where it has been implemented.

In the corporate world, time means everything that most employees who hold top positions do not even get the chance to take a proper break during the course of the day.

A little ‘petting therapy’ is something which can go a long way in ensuring that your employees are healthy and happy.

Sometimes even having the calm reassuring presence of your animal nearby is enough to give employees some confidence and mental strength.

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