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She is surprised to be greeted by Rob's mother (Ona Grauer), whom she's never met.

Rob turns the situation around on Sarah, claiming she intentionally planned her visit as a way of meeting his mother.

Nikki overhears the fight and calls Rob's friend, Gus (Ricky He), to ask about the girl she saw next door to Rob's lake house.

Gus tells her that the two had dated the previous summer, then asks Nikki why she wants to know.

Nikki comes outside and from a distance, sees a girl living next door.

They wave at each other, but the other girl appears to get scared after seeing Rob behind Nikki. Rob buys Sarah a new cell phone as promised, setting up a photo of him as the lock-screen.

This angers Rob, who loudly and publicly shames her in the school hallway, telling her she looks like a "cheap slut".

For that reason, she tells him she can't talk at the moment.Rob is a charismatic, newer student at school, and a star wrestler.Sarah is pleasantly surprised to find out that Rob shows romantic interest in her as well, and they start dating.Rob takes Sarah's cell phone outside, and when she follows him, he throws it at her in anger, breaking it.Rob apologizes, reminds Sarah of how much he loves her, offers to buy her a new cell phone, and they make up.

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