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When Isabella Leong (梁洛施 ) left the entertainment industry abruptly for billionaire, Richard Li (李澤楷), her move shocked the industry.

After all, she was a rising star having joined the industry at the tender age of sixteen.

On the 23rd of this month, Isabella will turn the age of 21-year-old.

She was in Toronto and had given birth to baby boy weighing seven pounds by the end of April with Richard Li.

Isabella’s representative addressed the rumors, “That is her personal life which I cannot comment on.

She is enjoying her carefree life in Canada and focusing on raising her children, so she has no plans to return to Hong Kong.” Isabella is not the only one enjoying her newfound single life.

It turns out that Richard Li has also been back in the dating scene only three months after their split last year.

He was seen with 26-year-old Kirsten Leung (梁雯影 ) in Singapore in May, 27-year-old Ella Leung (梁芳 ) in Hong Kong, and a woman in Beijing whose identity remains unknown.

” While the 24-year-old expressed that she has no intention of returning, she is still a target for paparazzi who wants to capture her every move.

Dressed provocatively Vonnie Lui Hoi Yun, Irene Chen Chiu-Ping, 3D SEX AND ZEN EXTREME ECSTASY (3D YUK PO TUEN ji GIK LOK BO GAM) actors Hiro Hayama, Tony Ho Wa Chiu and Yiu Lok Ming yesterday went to pray for box office success at Che Kung Temple.

Hiro Hayama said that he has never been to a temple in Hong Kong and yesterday was the first time. If Wong Kar Wai asks me, maybe I would consider it."Lui Hoi Yun said that she was dressed more conservatively than in the past.

Richard arranged for Isabella to move abroad and even enrolled her in Stanford University to take English classes.

Within three years of dating Richard, Isabella gave birth to three sons.

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Hiro Hayama said that he went to temple in Japan infrequently. Because she was going to the temple she could not be too wild.

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  1. One way or another, the relationship was far from healthy: regular fights and arguments, often culminating in “I never want to see you again” breakups and “it’s going to be ok” reunions, left us both emotionally exhausted and depleted after just 16 months.