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In Pride and Prejudice, The Bingleys are an example of the nouveau riche family; they are wealthy and respectable but not of the same status as Mr. Jane Austen herself, as a clergyman’s daughter, did not hold sufficient promise of land or dowry to attract a noble suitor.However, it would have been important for her to make a match worthy of her mother’s distinguished relations and her father’s scholarly and religious status in their community.

Once the bride’s father approved, the marriage articles were drawn up.

This contract defined the distribution of wealth and property in the marriage and what would happen to the wife and children if the husband met an early death.

Occasionally, a jointure became part of the articles.

This was particularly frowned upon if the young girl had an older sister who was “out”, available for courtship and not yet spoken for.

A lady must not be kept standing and talking in the street; a gentleman must turn and walk with the young lady if she indicated that she was willing to converse.

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