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The Java Script Source The discovery originated half a century ago in the work of a neglected French scholar, R. His measurements of the floorplan and other detailed observations of the ruins disclosed geometrical relationships not previously suspected. Schwaller found similar relationships at other sites. Between 19, Schwaller undertook a survey of the Egyptian Temple of Luxor.At the time, nobody understood the implications of this observation and it went largely unnoticed until the 1970s, when the independent Egyptologist John Anthony West took up the question.What is now the Sphinx head was probably at one time an outcrop of rock.The degree of subsurface weathering could be measured by bouncing sound waves off of deeper layers of rock.With the permission of the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, the team carried out sound-wave tests through the floor of the enclosure.Inscriptions suggest that the refacing stones dated from the Old Kingdom, which suggested that the original walls eroded long before.On a second trip to Giza in April 1991, West and Schoch brought Thomas Dobecki, a geophysicist from Houston, Texas, to carry out a seismic survey of the enclosure foundations to determine whether the underlying rock showed evidence of precipitation damage.

Archaeologists attribute the Sphinx to the Old Kingdom fourth dynasty ruler Khafra, who reigned from 2520-2494 BCE.

Schoch and Dobecki discovered that the enclosure floor in front and alongside of the Sphinx had weathered to a depth of six to eight feet.

They also discovered that the back of the enclosure had weathered only half as far.

Edges were rounded and deep fissures were prominent.

On structures elsewhere on the plateau, the surfaces showed only the sharper abrasion of wind and sand.

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The Sphinx and Valley Temples consist of huge limestone blocks quarried from the enclosure and refaced with Aswan granite.

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