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” “It’s not whom we marry that we should be afraid of; it’s who am I?” He taught that the purpose of dating is about becoming a better me.Having received a master's in education, he practiced for eighteen years as an educational consultant to parents of gifted children and those with ADD.With Montessori training, he has developed a curriculum which dovetails a Torah education with Montessori methodology. He suggested some ways to engage the date in conversation and to build a rapport in relationship. It means sincere interest in the other person.” Find out what they enjoy most about life. He advised that we are here to fix ourselves, and we should invest ourselves in every date, even if we are not marrying this person. He shared some practical things to think about before going on a date.

She had held out hope of her father apologizing to her, and now that couldn’t happen. “The person you marry is not his or her body; you marry a sharing of minds.” He asked, “Are you the same as you were five years ago? Whomever you marry will not be the same in five years, and you will not be the same either.

But on the day they were giving out warm and fuzzy emotional support we were playing football, basketball and cutting school to get to Opening Day.

In this opening workshop we will meet a young couple who will model the art of emotional support that is essential for husbands to learn. When you become emotionally intelligent you will be amazed how much happier you will be. Week 2: Learning your Wife’s Love Language The key to a successful marriage is not reducing conflict or having common interests.

Rabbi Rietti then asked the audience, “If the person you date scores ten out of ten for each of the qualities you are looking for, would you get engaged? When people suggested answers like consistency or they added other qualities, he advised them to add those things to their list.

If the person had ten out of ten for everything and still wasn’t ready to become engaged, then he needs to identify what is missing.

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