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"Humor doesn't always translate well in profiles/online chats, so if you are able to connect on that level that's a great sign," Hogi tells Bustle.Not that you should ever be ashamed of sending/receiving nudes, but it's a bit off-putting if someone you're talking to is hell-bent on getting you to send a nude before the first date.If things aren't moving either too fast or too slow for you, Yosef says, that bodes well for your future.

Although it's certainly much easier to make someone LOL in person, it's a definite plus if that can happen behind a screen, too.

If it comes up naturally and both parties seem into it, then go for it.

But if someone doesn't take "no" for an answer, run fast.

So if you're unsure of whether or not you should commit to going on a first date, but they seem more than willing to do what's convenient for you, it's a positive sign that they'll be just as considerate in other aspects of the relationship.

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