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But online dating isn’t necessary making proximity more important.

The study identified 19 distinct dating communities which closely map onto geographic regions, such as New England, the South, Texas, and so on.

“My sense from cell-phone studies of routine activity is that people typically stay within a given urban area, which suggests that offline dating is also fairly local.” The study considers factors such as the age structure of dating markets, age gaps between men and women, and the role of race, zooming in on four cities: New York, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle.

Bruch and Newman divided online dating into four distinct age cohorts (or what it calls “submarkets”): people in their early 20s, in their late 20s, in their late 30s, and 40 and older.

Online dating may have opened up a world of choices, but the lion’s share of interactions remain local.

Although the internet was supposed to conquer the constraints of geography, proximity still matters in dating, as it does in clusters of talent and industry.

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  1. But, it all depends on the way you design your profile. There are many who write big things in their bio and scare us. They open google app they search for some difficult words, they copy that and paste it on Tinder bio.