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But running all those databases separately makes an environment difficult to manage and secure, which is a good reason to develop a strategy for consolidating databases in your Oracle systems.

That's according to James Olsen, a database and infrastructure solutions architect at Oracle.

Once the migration has completed, you can return the Converted Database Objects node and rerun the Migration wizard to translate some or all of the objects again.

Because of the management complexities, VMs typically aren't the only method of consolidating databases that Oracle users will want to employ, according to Olsen.

"Virtualization is a tool in our consolidation strategy for isolation," he said.

and getting the most bang for your buck [on the use of system resources]," he said.

Database sprawl occurs when a database architecture grows unchecked.

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"But virtualization is not the consolidation strategy." With dedicated databases, a server will run a specific set of databases under a shared OS, Olsen said.

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