Prevent hyperlinks updating

You might want to temporarily disable this message.

First of all let use understand why does the message pop-up.

The macro given below sets all linked objects to manual update.

The file provides a way of obtaining a hyperlink to a specific Topic in a specific Play Mode (or to a specific Concept Pange.) If you use the URL to a specific Play mode, then as soon as the trainee clicks on the link, the Topic will automatically be started in the selected mode.

Once they complete the Topic, they will be returned to the place from which they clicked on the link (subject to the Back and Back2 parameters - see below) - that is, they will not see the Player or Outline.

If you want to change it to automatic edit the Update Mode macro to call -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Copyright 1999-2018, Shyam Pillai, All Rights Reserved.

' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' You are free to use this code within your own applications, add-ins, ' documents etc but you are expressly forbidden from selling or ' otherwise distributing this source code without prior consent. This time you will not be prompted with the "Links Update" box.

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