Powerpoint chart legend not updating

Placing labels directly on or adjacent to the plotted data is more effective, but it can be more work, and for charts with a lot of data that’s entangled together, data labels may not be practical.Legend Formatting The default formatting for the borders in a chart is black.If so this code will update the first Excel link in the Excel file underneath the chart (this part can be tweaked to handle multiple links) Sub Change Chart Data() Dim ppt Chart As Chart Dim ppt Chart Data As Chart Data Dim ppt Workbook As Object Dim sld As Slide Dim shp As Shape For Each sld In Active Presentation. Contents © 1995 - 2017 Stephen Rindsberg, Rindsberg Photography, Inc. You may link to this page but any form of unauthorized reproduction of this page's contents is expressly forbidden.

The legend entries are evenly distributed across the legend.

Just click on the legend, and drag it by its edges to a new location.

You could even tweak the colors in the legend, to make the legend blend in. Identify the data instead with labels attached to the data series.

When you change the font to a legible size, like 8 pt, the legend moves to near the right position and the chart itself expands to its original size.

The default placements, at least right and top, are okay.

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