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We encourage you to sign up for direct deposit as soon as you are able.

Checks are mailed from Oak Brook three calendar days prior to the first of the month.

If these documents are returned to us because of an address change we don't know about, your payments will be suspended until you change your address with us.

You can change your address in your Member Access account or by writing us.

Consequently, it has generally been held by most states that the giving of a post-dated check does not constitute a present fraud nor is it within the scope of the bad check laws.

The guilty party of a fraudulent check is usually the person who signed the check, but it could also be the person who fraudulently passed it on, or even a third party who endorsed and passed the check on to another.. On stop payment, 15 days following written demand to drawer's last known address, holder may collect fee not to exceed ; failure to make restitution and pay collection fee will result in liability of twice the amount of check but in no event less than . Amount of check plus lessor of: if no bank account - 0 or amount of check; or if insufficient funds - 0 or amount of check.

You might receive a check for that payment, and the following month’s payment will be directly deposited using your new information.

However, if the debtor provides a creditor with a NSF check for a COD order, then that act does fall within the bad check laws.

Section 3-104(2)(b) of the UCC, defines a check as "a draft drawn on a bank and payable on demand." A postdated check, since it is not payable on demand, does not satisfy this demand.

The bidder may recover damages in an amount equal to 0 or treble the amount, whichever is greater, except that damages recovered under bad check law may not exceed the amount of the check by more than 00. Statutory form of notice must be sent at least two times.

Statute does not apply to certain consumer services. In event of failure to make payment within 30 days after demand, treble amount owed in addition to the amount owed together with bank and court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees, not less than and no more than ,500.

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