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For Office365, there is a very small delay on the sync right now (up to an hour), and that will move to real time very soon.The Google Calendar sync works in the same way, and there is no delay.If you have synced your Brightpod calendar with your Outlook, Google, or other calendar, it can take up to 24 hours to update.Outlook, according to Microsoft Support, says that the calendar will sync a couple of times a day.As you or your coach updates your Training Peaks calendar, these changes are reflected in your calendar.Calendar" and then copy and paste the URL into your Calendar software (see below for specific instructions) Google Calendar At the lower left of your Google Calendar, in the "Other calendars" section, click on the "Add" link and select "Add by URL".A dialog appears, enter the webcal URL from your Account page i Cal for Mac Simply start i Cal, then go to the menu and click "Calendar, Subscribe".Enter the webcal URL from your Account page i Phone To add your calendar to your i Phone, simply email yourself the Calendar Sync URL, copy the URL from Training Peaks onto your clipboard (click the "copy" button next to the link), paste it into an email and send it to yourself.

When you add appointments in Office365/Google - they show up in our app4.

When you delete an appointment in Office365/Google, we will delete our app's copy.

As you can see from numbers 1 and 3, this is a two-way sync.

Sync your Training calendar to Outlook, i Cal or Google Calendar using This premium-only feature allows any 3rd party calendar that supports web-calendars (.ics) to subscribe to your personal Training calendar.

A cached connection between Outlook, Google Calendar or i Cal is created, showing you 5 days of history and 14 days of future workouts.

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Outlook 2007 In Outlook 2007, click on the "Tools" menu, then click "Account Settings".

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