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The first time I would rather die than go on without love. I want to protect my real identity so that I can protect my personal life.

the emails in this post is real, the story is real.* My name is Ludivina Yasay. About a year ago, I scammed an American named Matt T. I gained his trust, told him what he wanted to hear and he believed me. How it all began After graduating college, I could not find a job.

I met him on a popular dating website called (in the Philippines). Jobs are REALLY hard to get in certain parts of the Philippines.

Over the course of 8 months, I took about 00 dollars from him. Places like General Santos, Cebu City and many other places have many people and very little jobs available.

Online dating is now a very popular way to meet a partner. At first I disregard his messages but he continued to send message. We introduced ourselves to one another and we became friends. He told me there is a lot of crime and a lot of robbery there. He would tell me he needed money to chat with him in the Internet caf. After about 8 months, Ludivena told me she had not given me her real name, or real picture. The original author of this story is not named but she really did do this.

& e Harmony are very popular dating web sites and claim that 1 of every 5 marriage (in Western world? But on thing that goes unsaid is the amount of scams that happen on these sites. Below are examples of face profile pictures that these con artists use to lure you in. I was in the middle of chatting w my cousin who is in other country, when a message from a complete stranger pops up on YM. We shared a lot of stories about family, life and everyday life. She told me that she had done it all initially to get money, but now she wanted to get serious about me. I may post the original (and change the names) for now you get a simulation of a REAL event..

Fayez Abdulaziz Abiri only to find out Fayez Abdulaziz Abiri had died of Kidney infection at Mukaradeeb where his personal oil well was.

It is obvious that you would now want to ask if Mr. Interestingly, he did not leave a next of kin on his official document.

We can assume that the use of actual banks and people from Nigeria that this scam is based in Nigeria.They told me that they do it so much that they are actually able to buy home, cars and live very well in the Philippines. Very quickly I had a guy who was interested, Matt T. How I got the Money Message to Matt: hope you have a very nice day today… We started to really get close and even fall in love. The hook is to make you care for them and their life, their situation. Their favorite is the one that gives the most cash. Well, I am soliciting your assistance to be able to transfer a huge amount of money US,300,000.00 from my bank that is lying idle with no one ever coming to lay claim to it.Since my family and I were struggling, I decided to do it. We began to talk and I told him everything he wanted to hear. Over time, I realized that I really love him and do not want to live a lie. The closer we got the more I realize I cannot do this anymore to him. One night he told me he wants me to be his girl friend. I told him my real name, showed him my real picture. I was not sure if he would ever talk to me again after I told him the truth. Scam Warning Signs Asks for money to see her on webcam? Before I go ahead let me tell you how the funds came into existence in the first place. Fayez Abdulaziz Abiri from Iraq and he was a member of the Iraqi forces and also a business man. After that there was not a single night or day that I did not cry. If she needed something, I would happily provide it. And I still believe there are great Filipinas there that would make the best wife. 1 out of every 3 ladies I talked to here trying to get money from me. Of all these ladies, I found one that seemed different. She seemed very sweet and that is just what I was looking for after having a hard time in my dwindling relationship with my wife. Despite all the scammers, I did meet a few life long friends.

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Because of this, I have been very lonely and seeking a new life partner.

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