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You’ll be handed a pen and paper containing a list of all the male/ female reference numbers with yes/ maybe check boxes next to each number.Ordinarily, each girl is sat at a table for two with a guy.After this you’re let into the area/ room in which the speed dating will take place and you’ll have to queue up for registration.

Like Oath, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.February (because I refused to spend Valentine’s Day feeling depressed about being single).FYI Asiand8 do this event yearly so if you’re single around Valentine’s Day, it’s worth trying. It beats sitting at home alone and I figured I may meet someone or, at the very least get some good stories out of it #blogmaterial.Each pair is given three minutes to talk and, if interested, check yes/ maybe next to that person.If you’re not interested simply leave the box blank.

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