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Any other answer – yes, including tits – is a good indicator that she is self-aware.Fair warning: Beware of any woman who refers to herself as “blunt”, “really direct”, “doesn’t play games”, or says she “doesn’t tolerate bullshit”.Interestingly party girls and sorority types will describe themselves as such, and instead tend to talk about how they’re “such a goof” or “fun-lovin'”.Anyone who describes themselves as “a total nerd” usually isn’t and anyone who describes themselves as “fun-loving” usually is trying to figure out what else they have to offer.What this means is that she listens to whichever radio station was the most popular at her high-school and she has progressed past it.Assume that her favorite artist will currently be on the Top 40 chart and proceed from there. Look for actual books; if she only mentions textbooks or magazines, move on. On the other hand, someone who says likes going downtown but is also totally cool with a chill night in is trying to have it both ways.Any variation of #NAME and #COLLEGE is a Sorority type. So yes, size does matter and larger is better in this case. This usually ends up setting the tone for the rest of the profile, whether it’s an air of “I am too awesome for you” self-absorption, hemming and hawing for paragraphs without actually managing to indicate possession of an actual personality or sly self-deprecating humor.It’s here that you will have to start trying to determine just how serious the girl is taking things; one girl’s declaration that she is the biggest thing since World War III could be a clever reference, whereas another girl saying it . It is here that you will also start to see how a woman is defining herself.

Others are trying to put their best face forward and meet some standard of how women are “supposed” to be. well look, some people are just plain crazy and there’s not really much you can do there besides dodge flying crockery.

It can also mean a person who thinks they are rare and describes themselves as if they are exotic and other people who have their qualities do not exist. One guy was all about it and was like no way, I told him I bet girls are doing it too.

Its a bit of a derogatory term used to highlight the selfishness of the couple who are unicorn hunters and have unrealistic expectations of their third, and would like them to fit an ideal fantasy. I’ve straight up brought this up in a playful way with two other matches.

Evangelicals will regularly make a point of stating how important God and/or their faith is in their lives.

Similarly, stoners will make some sort of 420 reference in this section.

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Similarly, anyone who uses song lyrics here is trying to appear deep without putting in the effort to actually any depth.

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